Transforming everyday living spaces into dreamy and luxurious spaces of comfort, style and appeal

Gold Coast Magazine Christmas edition

“Apartment by apartment, Artpro Design & Joinery are transforming everyday living spaces on the Gold Coast into dreamy and luxurious spaces of comfort, style and appeal.

Artpro Design & Joinery believe that purchasing or building a house is one of the biggest investments people make in their lifetime. Renovating and restoring a property can be just as daunting and people often find it difficult trying to transform ideas into a working reality, which can lead to chaos and disappointment. This is all too familiar for Phil Andrews, the managing director and designer of Artpro Design & Joinery, who has witnessed this many times.”

“Phil knows that for a project to be successful it has to be a reflection of the people who live in it. He says, “We recognize each project is an expression of the owner’s unique personality and therefore must reflect their needs and lifestyle”. He stresses that the most critical element whether designing a brand-new home or simply updating the interior is to get a feel for the owner’s desires and needs, then working backwards in the planning so that each change and addition works towards the perfect result.”

The above is sections of an editorial published by The Gold Coast Magazine November/December 2011 edition. For the full article please see pages 112-113 of this edition.